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Shrink film

Shrink film (GOST 25951-83) is one of the main types of packaging film. At first the film is heated and, when cooled, it takes the form of packaged products, the packaging process of products is called “shrink”. Its primary use is for food packaging, food and other goods using packing machines.

How to use

Pallet film

Pallet with plastic shrink film multi-function film for packing cargo on pallets. It has a wide range of applications in the construction, glass and other industry. The film has excellent strength characteristics, allowing you to group large volumes of products. High puncture resistance provides the ability to package a variety of products with sharp corners, including boxes, plates, boxes, bottles, blocks, etc.

The transparency of the material allows to control the contents of the pallet and to assess the condition of the products.

How to use

Film for greenhouses

Due to the structural characteristics of the film (the presence of special additives) it has high strength and has high heat-retaining properties, and also holds the moisture in the upper soil layer, the light stabilizer introduced into the film for greenhouses, increases its service life in 2-3 times. Greenhouse film can not be removed for the winter and it will last at least 3 seasons.

Width - 1,5; 3; 4; 6; 12 meters we make under the order.

How to use

Film polyethylene

Polyethylene film for household, construction and other works.

This kind of film is made from recycled materials, ie used polyethylene is supplied to businesses for recycling, where it undergoes sorting, agglomeration, washing, granulation and then again supplied to the producer of the film. The main
the advantage of plastic film of secondary raw materials is its low cost while maintaining the same physical and mechanical properties as a film of the highest grade.

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Stretch film

Polymer film stretching stretch is a company «MALL» subsidiary, on the modern European equipment.

To the unique properties of stretch film include:
ability to stretch several times followed by a desire to regain its shape (pre-stretch) - fine quality used in packing of goods;
neutrality in relation to the goods;
stickiness of the film layers against each other (don't need any additional materials for fastening);
Made of 2 types – for manual and machine packaging. There is also a stretch film made of virgin raw material and with the addition of the secondary granules.

How to use

Barrier film

Barrier films – this newly developing direction of our company. Manufactured by «MALL» subsidiary, on the modern European equipment.

Barrier films are multi-layered structure that consists of several barrier layers and, basically, are divided into 2 groups - high barrier and medium barrier. Use data types of films under mayonnaise, ketchup, frozen under the products are under bulk foods. Also produced bags with zip lock sealable packages for cheese, Cape, fish under vacuum and without. a Multilayer barrier film   excellent choice for manufacturers of high-quality food packaging.

How to use